Artist Statement

I create comfort and conversation with the use of pottery in everyday life. I entice the user by stamping the object to create a comfortable grip from the pattern of the stamp. There is a sense of structured play when interacting with the work. The simplified flower stamp initiates the line where the belly is pushed out. Altering the object creates asymmetry to a very symmetrical technique which shows the playfulness. I greatly enjoy the aspect of throwing an object for someone to use everyday and absolutely fall in love with it every time they use it. Being able to make and explore different types of clay bodies, glazes, and firings allows for endless possibilities. The majority of my work is fired in wood kiln for about 95 hours. Exposing the bare clay allows the flame and wood ash to create its own unique glaze when it is fired.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Arts: 3D Concentration along with an Art History Minor from Central Michigan University in December 2014. I plan to push this form further to create a full body of work.