Atmospheric Work

Work in this collection are all fired in an atmospheric kiln, whether it be a wood kiln or a soda kiln. My work mostly consists of these types of firings. The wood fire process consists of firing the kiln up to 95 hours with a team working together to fire the kiln and get it to temperature (~2300*F). To keep the kiln going, the team takes shifts throughout the 95 hours to stoke the fire every 10-20 minutes or whenever the kiln needs more wood. The wood ash flies through the kiln and collects on the work inside to create a natural ash glaze which builds up to make the rivulets (dripping look) that you can see on the work. Each piece that comes out of the kiln is unique and one of a kind!

A soda fire is different, it's fired with gas so it easy to fire with just one person instead of a team. At a certain point in the firing, you spray a soda ash (baking soda) and water mixture into the kiln. The soda vaporizes and reacts with the glazes/work in the kiln to create a new and unique glaze. 

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